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Car dvr dash camera


A dash camera (dash cam) is one of the best car security accessories you can install. It records what is happening on the road, making it great for recording incidents and accidents alike. Full high definition 1080p are able to record high quality audio and video such that nothing is missed. Some of the features of a good quality car DVR dash camera include:

• 1080p high definition recording

• 140 degree wide angle lens

• Night vision recording capability

• 24 inch LCD panel

• Still photo capability

• CMOS light sensor

• G-sensor and anti-shake

• Loop recording

• USB/ HDMI connectivity

• Mounting bracket

• Microphone recording capability

• Motion detection

• GPS logging

A dash cam can absolve you the blame when you are not at fault. It is also a useful security incident logging device that can be useful in apprehending criminals.



Car rear view mirror camera 1


Have you ever been hit from the back and wished that you had recorded it? This is why a car rear-view mirror camera is needed. It records whatever is happening to the rear of your car and displays on an LCD panel that is attached to your standard rear-view mirror. This view is non-distractive and can also help you with reverse parking.

A car rear-view mirror camera gives a 170º angle to enable you see more space at the rear of the car. It comes with a high visibility lens to capture images in high quality definition. You can switch the memory card size to store more video.

Installing the car rear-view mirror camera is easy as it will snap onto your existing rear-view mirror. Stay safe with this rear-view mirror camera.



  Hands free car wireless Bluetooth transmitter 1

Would you like to upgrade your old car stereo conveniently and cheaply? All you need is a hands-free car wireless Bluetooth transmitter. This gadget will pair with your smartphone to deliver your favorite playlist to your car stereo. If your old stereo supports the old AM/SW radio frequencies, you can tune in to FM frequencies with this Bluetooth transmitter and beam it over your car’s stereo speakers.

This Bluetooth transmitter is compatible with all smartphones vehicle audio systems and Bluetooth headphones. It can connect over Bluetooth v3.0 and pair with over other 2 devices and connect over distances of up to 30 feet.

This hands-free wireless Bluetooth transmitter is compact and lightweight and is portable enough to move from house to car and any other place you would like to use it.




Driving while using your phone is not only illegal, but also dangerous. But using your smartphone in the car is sometimes necessary. You need to put on your favorite playlist, you need to use Google Maps, and you will need to take an important business call. This is why you need a magnetic car phone holder with 360º range of motion.

This phone holder is mountable on your dash where your phone can be easily accessible and visible. Simply stick one of the magnet on the back of your phone and snap it onto the other magnet on the holder. It swivels 360º for maximum visibility without taking your eyes off the road.

• The phone holder will stick onto other surfaces apart from the dash

• The phone is held firmly enough to use without slipping

Stay safe while using your phone on the road.




You can never tell when an emergency hits as you are on the road. Your phone battery could go dead, the car could skid into a ditch, or you could come across a gridlock making you spend the night in your car. When that happens, you will be lucky you had this Multi-functional car jump starter pack. It will come in handy in several emergencies. It features

• 16,000 mAh powerbank with jumper cables

• 4-in-1 charger USB cable for phones, portable radios, refrigerators etc.

• Car charger adapter

• Laptop adapter

• 4 USB ports

• Hammer

• Compass

• Flashlight

This is the ultimate survival starter pack. If your car won’t start you will have the power to make an emergency call. If that does not go through, you can walk using the compass and flashlight.



How often do you have to balance your cup of coffee while driving? If you keep spilling liquid in the car or are forced to stop and drink, you need the portable multifunctional cup holder for any car. Unlike the cup holder that comes with your car, this cup holder is able to hold different cup sizes. It has impressive features:

• 2 large cup holders, 1 smartphone holder and 2 pen holders

• Fits  on the side of your seat for easier access

• Easily detachable for cleaning

This cup holder will keep your giant size coffee cup secure, and hold another for your passenger. You will find it easier to keep other small items in this cup holder as well and keep your car clean and tidy.



Are you concerned for the welfare of your loved ones when they are away with your car? Do you think that your car needs extra security? A Car GPS tracker is the best assurance against car theft and misuse of your car.

The ultimate Car GPS tracker is magnetic and waterproof. It will attach anywhere on the body of your car. This GPS tracker has some of the most powerful features in the market including:

• Real-time GPS tracking

• Route history playback up to 6 months ago

• Defencing monitoring to show when the car is outside designated area

• Real-time audio monitoring to hear what is happening in the car

• Over speed alarm

• Shock alarm to protect against burglary

• 5,000 mAh long-lasting battery

This ultimate car GPS tracker is small and discrete. It will fit under your car or anywhere else and is waterproof to withstand rain and splashing water.



Do you have trouble doing reverse parking? If you keep bumping into cars and other objects around you as you are reversing, you would need a reverse parking system with sensors. This reverse parking system with four sensors is the best driving aid you can get. It comes with an LCD display that lets you see what is behind you and the best clear way to reverse.

This reverse parking system is able to detect objects at 1.6 meters/ 5.2 feet. The system uses triangulation by different sensors to measure distance accurately. It comes with an alarm voice that also alerts you to nearby objects. Some of the added features include

• Weatherproof – can withstand rain, snow and splashing water

• Easy to install

• Can be installed on metal bumpers

• Paintable to match the car’s color

Parking has never been easier.



Is your car constantly getting dusted by trips on rough terrain or other dusty environments? A portable car vacuum cleaner is just what you need to keep your car clean. Washing your car is not always a viable option. A portable car vacuum cleaner is small and light enough to maneuver around the car. It will plug into your car’s 12 volt charger.

The portable car vacuum cleaner has the following superb features:

• High performance 4,000 PA motor. This is powerful enough to suck all common dirt including dust, human hair, pet hair, fabrics, food crumbs and cigarette ash

• Handy and compact design. The potable car vacuum cleaner has a barge mouth to vacuum off surface dust on accessible surfaces. It also has a long tube with a straight mouth to reach dirt in hard to reach places

Keeping your car clean easily with this portable car vacuum cleaner.



How often have you wanted to show something on your phone or iPad while placing it where everyone can see it? The Sticky Gel Pad is what you need for such situations. This pad creates a surface you can stick your objects even on smooth surfaces.

The sticky gel pad can stick on any surface including glass, wood, and metal. You can cut the size of sticky surface you want. The sticky gel pad in turn, creates a sticky surface where you can stick almost everything you need to stick.

With Sticky Gel Pads, you can dock your smartphone or tablet on the wall as you do your presentation. Use them to stick your portable speakers, monitoring camera or even keys your wall mirror, refrigerator door or the ceiling for convenience.


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